EP II out now!


2far2jump are an alternative rock band based in south Greater London, delivering thought-provoking lyrics with catchy melodies, and driven by a tight and punchy sound.

The band started out in Guildford in early 2015. In the summer of 2018, Luke joined as the new vocalist and frontman and 2far2jump subsequently launched their single “California” in October 2018, followed up with a music video for the track in the new year which gained tens of thousands of views on YouTube.

The new EP, simply titled "II" was released on December 6th 2019, displays a contrasting mix of songs. 2far2jump's variety is showcased through the softer, upbeat styles of "Five Years From Now" and "California", to the hard-hitting alt-rock tracks "Soteria" and lead single "The Fall".

Luke Harland-Cole 2far2jump

Rupert Barker 2far2jump

Aaron Mann 2far2jump


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