Our new EP “First Attempts at Everything” is out NOW!


Formed early 2015 in Guildford, UK by guitarist Rupert Barker, 2far2jump have been piecing things together strategically over the past two years to jump forward to a place that’s no longer considered too far for them, despite their name!

The band consists of lead singer and frontman Alistair Hynes, lead guitarist Rupert Barker, and drummer Aaron Mann. They have an exciting stage show, a debut EP under wraps and are excited for their plans for 2017.

Having already gained notable attention with only three and soon to be four singles out prior to their EP release, there’s a lot to look forward to for the Surrey pop punkers and their fans.

Alistair Hynes 2far2jump

Rupert Barker 2far2jump

Aaron Mann 2far2jump


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