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Originating from Guildford and South London, 2far2jump (vocalist/guitarist Luke Harland-Cole, lead guitarist Rupert Barker and drummer Aaron Mann) are an alternative rock band with influences spanning different decades. 

Citing bands such as Palaye Royale, Linkin Park, As It Is, You Me At Six, The Hunna, Badflower, Pink Floyd and many more, the music created from 2far2jump has guitar driven melodies, thought-proving lyrics and hard hitting drums.

Watch Give Me A Moment here:

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The band's work throughout their existence has been very well received, with their impressive videos getting 416,000 views on YouTube. The band are ready to build further on the success that they've already started to see.

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2far2jump is a band with a unique sound, and a clear vision. Embracing a desire to create lyrically-interesting, catchy, and progressive music, the band has successfully captured the imaginations of many passionate fans. They are ready to progress and widen their audience, and will happily welcome any opportunities that can help them achieve this.

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