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Originating from Guildford and South London, 2far2jump - vocalist/guitarist Luke Harland-Cole, lead guitarist Rupert Barker and Drummer Aaron Mann - are a group of ordinary guys dreaming the extraordinary life of the rock 'n' roll musician. Growing up in the UK's vibrant and immersive music scene, each one of these lads have fantasised on the prospect of one day making it from a general standing ticket-holder to stage-side performer looking back out into the crowd. Developing their own musical experiences up to this point, these three music-lovers collectively have a diverse pool of influence to draw upon in their own unique and creative style.

Citing influences for their music such as Linkin Park, As It Is, You Me At Six, The Hunna and more, the music created from 2far2jump with its guitar driven melodies, thought proving lyrics and hard hitting drums is determined not to disappoint the everyday rock and alternative fan. Reaching increasingly new heights, the band have seen success of their recent single 'Monsters' by achieving a three-month national TV play of their music video on Kerrang! TV. A back catalogue of 2 self-released EPs and a handful of singles, these lads have firmly found their feet as an artist and are for you to share on their journey.


On 8th January 2021 a new single called 'Monsters' was released along with a music video. This was featured on the Kerrang! TV Rated Rock playlist and was played many days of the week for 12 weeks.

It reached number 10 in the Kerrang! TV Airplay Chart (28 day chart - Tue Feb 23 to Mon Mar 22 inclusive as verified by Radiomonitor).

The single Monsters also made the Kerrang! Radio playlist and was played 5 times on the Johnny Doom show and most nights on other shows over several weeks.

It reached number 14 in the Kerrang! Radio Rock Chart on 13th March 2021.

It was also played on BBC Introducing the south and other radio stations.


Released on 7th January 2022 with a music video being released on 14th January 2022.

Ephemeral is about the evanescent nature of the human life; it explores this transience, and expresses frustration with it whilst trying to come to terms with it.

Listen to Ephemeral here:

2far2jump - Ephemeral
The band's work throughout their existence has been very well received, with their impressive videos getting 200,000 views on YouTube. The band are ready to build further on the success that they've already started to see.

2far2jump is a band with a unique sound, and a clear vision. Embracing a desire to create lyrically-interesting, catchy, and progressive music, the band has successfully captured the imaginations of many passionate fans. They are ready to progress and widen their audience, and will happily welcome any opportunities that can help them achieve this.

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